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Community, Diversity, Family
Community, Diversity, Family
Community, Diversity, Family
Community, Diversity, Family
Community, Diversity, Family
Community, Diversity, Family 

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News and Announcements

 Welcome To Student Family Housing!

30 & 35 Charles St West offer a lively, diverse high rise community for student couples and families from all over the world. We have an open, inclusive environment with a zero tolerance for abusive, sexually abusive, or discriminatory behaviour and language.



  • Video Competition Results are in for "Why I Love Charles Street!" 
  • RCA email and office hours for the 2015 Fall semester is now posted online. Please click on the link for contact details.

  • Security Company at Charles Street - Primary Response Security Co., telephone 416-399-4315
  • Apply Online Vacancies Often Available with Short Notice!   
  • RESERVED MONTHLY PARKING AVAILABLE to the Public as well as to Residents on a long term basis.
  • Visitor Parking Available! Visitor Parking at 35 Charles Street West is now available.  It is located on the "C" level and has signage to show which spaces are reserved for visitors. Access to the garage is only possible using a key fob to get in and out of the garage, and there is a Pay & Display system.
  • Residence Tours - Registration Required: Next Tour Date will be Monday, November 23 at 3pm sharp. Reserve your space to join the tour and see different apartments and the facilities on site for students with families. Register at or 416-978-8049.
  • Non-Smoking Policy in ResidenceStudent Family Housing started to go Non-Smoking in January 2013!
    Anyone who accepts an apartment with a move in date after December 1st 2012 is signing a non-smoking lease and *cannot* smoke in their apartment, including the balcony. Howeverresidents who moved in before 2013 have not signed a lease specifically prohibiting smoking. This means you may be exposed to some smoke and cannot expect to have a fully smoke free environment.
  • There is a Bike Fixit Station at 35 Charles Street W on the A level of the Parking Garage! Click here for more information about the the Bike Fixit Station.
  • The Residence Life Centre is open to residents! Come visit during office hours to meet your RCA and enjoy refreshments - 35 Charles # 305.
  • Planning to Move Out? Remember you must legally give 60 days' notice by the last day of any month to move out 2 months later. We do not accept notice after the deadline.
  • Canada Post no longer collects "Return to sender" mail from the building. If you receive mail delivered by Canada Post that does not belong to you, kindly “X” the address, write “RTS” or “Return to Sender” on the envelope and drop it in a Canada Post Mailbox nearby. As this service is not provided to us, the “Return to Sender Box” in each of the building lobbies will be eliminated. Please do not leave “RTS” mail in the lobby. Thank you for your co-operation.